Infographics: Workers rights and expectations

AgDevCo has released infographics on worker rights and expectations, suitable for any African workplace. They are available free of charge in multiple languages (Swahili, Twi, Chichewa, French, English and Portuguese). Helping our investees build job quality, decent work and gender equality is a key part of AgDevCo’s development impact.  Through our technical assistance facility (TAF) work we offer portfolio companies many resources to support the development and implementation of formalised HR systems and documentation. For examples and to read more, click here. 

Bankwest to introduce comic-style version of terms and conditions

Checkout the latest project by Prof. Camilla Anderson in Australia! Bankwest will introduce a comic-style version of its terms and conditions in a bid to make convoluted legal clauses simpler and more engaging for customers. The West Australian subsidiary of Commonwealth Bank has rolled out visual terms and conditions for its everyday transaction account. The graphics are part of an effort to simplify and cut down the amount of text a person needs to digest to sign up to the banking product. READ MORE

Research Impact – Comic Book Contracts

We enter into contracts all the time, often without knowing it. When we buy a bus ticket, subscribe to free Wi-Fi, or when we shop online. However, most people will admit to not taking the time to read the fine print, which is often detailed and difficult to understand. Have a look at how our colleague, Prof. Camilla Anderson at the Law School, University of Western Australia have found an alternative to navigating through paragraphs of legalese, which has started an exciting visual direction for legal contracts. READ MORE

Access For All Conference

Join us from the 13th to the 15th of October at the Access for All: Plain Language is a Civil Right virtual conference where Robert will be a keynote speaker. This is a virtual conference dedicated to using plain language to break down barriers in society. We will explore five stories or themes that show how plain language can increase access, justice, and transparency for all. Get your tickets here: 

Comic Book Contracts – Contracts are everywhere!

Sir Harry Gibbs Legal Heritage Centre | Supreme Court Library ...

The Sir Harry Gibbs Legal Heritage Centre is located in the Brisbane courts of law in Queensland Australia. They recently held a Graphic Justice exhibition, which featured a number of projects, including comic contracts while highlighting local and overseas work. READ MORE