Toward a Universal Visual Language of Law

There is a legal language that is more universal than text, that can communicate across language and cultural barriers: it is the language of visual images. Visual communication of law provides a means to transmit the content, meaning, and implications of law and legal analysis in legal documents and multimodal communications that are accessible and understandable not only to those trained in the law or highly literate in the dominant written language of the communication, but also to those whose basic language skills in the dominant language of the communication would otherwise not allow them to receive or understand the legal advice, rights, or requirements contained in the communication. READ MORE

A research group develops social welfare documents into comics

A research group at Tampere University is developing ways to transform social welfare documents into comics. The aim is to create legally binding comic-style documents. They have inspired their work from some of ours. Lack of clarity stops people from exercising their rights. This research project explores the possibility of using comic contracts in nordic countries through a pilot document on the supervised exchange of children.  READ MORE

Democratising access to justice: the comic contract as intersemiotic translation

This article, produced by a Finnish University examines the process of creating comic contracts, where the legal text is translated into comics, and argues that this process can be viewed as an intersemiotic translation (where the basis of cultural communication through which ideas are circulated, translated and explained using language, images and other semiotic resources.

Read the full article by Eliisa Pitkasalo and Laura Kalliomaa-Puha HERE

Convergence and fragmentation: legal research, legal informatics and legal education

EJLT article

Fragmentation and convergence are two discoursal lenses that have been used to view changes that have taken place in the domains of legal services, the legal profession, regulation and legal education. While they may appear orthogonal, the relationships between them are intimate, sophisticated, constantly shifting and require much more analysis.

Read the full article by Paul Maharg for the European Journal of Law and Technology HERE.

The Value of Visuals

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We’ve always known that visuals are essential to the effectiveness of communication, and therefore are essential to instruct and inspire. The essential findings of this study are, first, that visuals matter even more than most assume and second, there is an urgency for leaders to adapt as employee demographics change.

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