Frequently Asked Questions about Creative Contracts and Comic Contracts.
Frequently Asked Questions about Creative Contracts and Comic Contracts.

How long is a typical Comic Contract?

The longest contract we have created has been 20 pages. One might think that this is quite lengthy for a legal agreement, however, because these contracts are so engaging and interactive, it doesn’t matter if they are long.

An example of a Comic Contract created for ClemenGold.

How much does it cost to create a Comic Contract?

We charge an upfront creative fee to cover our costs of designing the Comic Contract. We then charge a per contract fee, which will depend on how many contracts have been signed.

Can a contract based on pictures be legally binding?

Formal legal opinions have been obtained from very senior lawyers in South Africa, stating that they have no doubt that Comic Contracts are legally enforceable as a matter of principle. The employee contracts we have created for South African clients are well within the country’s legal perimeters, as they conform to all of the labour legislation requirements. The parties to the contract are important aspects of the agreement. The most important question is whether the vulnerable or illiterate worker can understand what they are agreeing to. With Comic Contracts, the answer is yes. “As long as the meaning of the pictures in contracts is clear, then of course they are binding.” – Robert French, former Chief Justice of Australia.

Do you think employers should rethink the way they do their contracts?

The individuals who would take an interest in using these contracts are those employers who want to facilitate a good relationship with their employees. They might be drawn to these visual contracts if they have reason to believe that their employees would struggle to read the legalities of the contract.

How long does it take to create a Comic Contract?

It can take between one and two months to create a Comic Contract.