Visual Sports Contracts – a picture saves thousands of dollars?

Athlete and Player contracts contain complex terms and conditions, often set out in long standardised documents that refer to and incorporate other lengthy documents.  For example, the National Rugby League Playing Contract, including schedules, is around 40 pages long, and incorporates volumes of rules, codes, the NRL operations manual and policies. READ MORE 

Creative Contracts; understood by everyone

Receiving, reading and signing a contract seems so easy, doesn’t it? But what if you cannot understand the document? What if you have not been lucky enough to learn how to read and write? In 2016 750 million people on earth – two-thirds of whom women – were illiterate. Creative Contracts makes contracts clear and understandable for everyone, regardless of their level of reading. READ MORE

Reinventing Contracts

What and who are contracts for?

Recently I conducted a very unscientific survey on social media, asking non-lawyers about what a contract is for, and for comments about their experiences with contracts. For most people, a contract is a long, written document with a lot of information no one understands. They’re afraid to sign them because they don’t understand them. They do want something that spells out an agreement, something to help everyone remember what they agreed to, and they want to be able to count on each other to perform. Almost all of them talked about contracts as a way of preventing conflict and especially not wanting to ever go to court. They want their contracts to be understandable. They want to be able to look back and remember what they were trying to accomplish in the first place. READ MORE.

Made possible by millions

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In 2019, we became proud partners of the Dutch Postcode Lottery, (Nationale Postcode Loterij), one of the largest charity lotteries in the world and one of the largest lotteries in the Netherlands. READ MORE