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In 2019, we became proud partners of the Dutch Postcode Lottery, (Nationale Postcode Loterij), one of the largest charity lotteries in the world and one of the largest lotteries in the Netherlands. READ MORE

This justice innovation is giving illiterate workers a stake in the economy

South African lawyer Robert de Rooy understands the power of a simple idea. Seeing the difficulty that illiterate people have in understanding and entering into economically beneficial contractual relationships, Rooy came up with Creative Contracts, a justice innovation whose aim, according to the Cape Town-based commercial attorney is to allow “an illiterate person to understand their contract independently.” READ MORE

Mobilising people-centred justice: The Innovating Justice Forum 2019

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This February 2019, HiiL hosted the global-scale Innovating Justice Forum; the annual event for the best and brightest in justice innovation from all corners of the globe gather. The Forum provides the most important paradigm shift for justice in decades: peoplecentred and evidencebased ways of working towards solutions. READ MORE