A picture is worth 1000 words

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“Contract.” What images are conjured for you by the word? For most people, a contract is a long written document with a lot of information no one understands. At least that was true for me in my early years as a lawyer and for most of my life as a consumer. READ MORE

Law society of Ireland gazette

Law Society of Ireland Gazette

Haapio’s research focuses on ways to transform contracts from legal instruments into valuable business tools. Based in Helsinki, she consults worldwide, promoting the use of visualisation as a non-binding aid in understanding the text of an agreement. READ MORE

Comic Contracts: the writing’s on the wall

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Against the background of an increasingly complex and competitive contract management environment, one innovative local project is looking to simplify contracts: South Africa attorney Robert de Rooy has developed – and since implemented – the world’s first illustrated contracts. These legal documents aren’t just accompanied by or supplemented with illustrations or comics to aid understanding; the comic is the contract. READ MORE